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Market Relevance

With no doubt, home network will play the most important role in pervasive computing research as the home is the place where people invest most of money, energy and time. Video/audio and entertainment market, mobile subscriber, and broadband market are three key business factors to foster home network research. Market research shows that an increasing amount of consumers are interested in sharing music, pictures, and videos among digital electronics, PCs, and mobile devices. Sequentially, this will increase the demand for the Residential Gateway equipment, forecast to rise clearly over 15 million units in 2008 world wide (Figure 1). Residential Gateways will not only provide unique connectivity in the home, but also be able to adapt to different personal needs.

Figure 1: Residential Gateway units world wide (Source: Cahners In-Stat/MDR, 2004)

As it is shown in Figure 2, it is expected that broadband Residential Gateways, offering multimedia services and shared Internet Access will capture the larger segment of the Gateways market potential.

On the other hand, the vast majority of the home users will require controlling everything in their home via their mobile handsets or PDAs. This will increase the need for an Atonomic Distributed SW platform that will enable homogeneous access to heterogeneous access/ indoor multimedia services, supporting the full variety of automation, computing and entertainment devices.

Figure 2: RG with Multimedia Capabilities. (Source: Cahners In-Stat/MDR, 2002)
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