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Major Expected Results

ANSO‘s focus on home area networking promise a significant strategic impact, in terms of addressing societal problems, reinforcing competition, developing the marketplace and contributing to key standards and the wider research community.

Market development

ANSO targets a very fast growing market. There will be three levels of revenue generation in ANSO emerging model and project exploitation:

Added-value at the European level

The ANSO project mobilizes the necessary critical mass of highly relevant resources from a set of complementary partners distributed across Europe . This set of competencies would be difficult to achieve at the purely national level, as it is necessary to identify partners with the required combination of technical skills, industrial presence, relevant current products, end-user experience and access to relevant research networks.

The ANSO partners represent 7 European countries, further supporting the pan-European exploitation and dissemination of the intended results.

Societal and economic challenges

ANSO is expected to tackle a number of societal and economic challenges, including:

Contributions to Standards

Contribution to Standardization Bodies and Forums will be of great importance for ANSO success. ANSO via its partners (Thales, Thomson, VTT, University Joseph Fourier, Schneider Electric ) aim to contribute in the following relevant standardization bodies in alphabetic order:

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