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Dissemination of Results

The channels that the project will use to disseminate the results are:

Contribution to Standards: ANSO consortium includes partners that will promote the project results in the relevant standardization bodies.

Documentation : Both internal and public documents are foreseen. The latter serve as the solid basis that the actual work will be built upon and results will be obtained.

Publications: This is the more traditional way of promotion, which includes selected journals, newspapers, scientific or targeted publications, bulletin, newsletters, publication and diffusion of advertising material, brochure, etc. ANSO will prepare a number of professionally designed promotional materials for external people.

Access through WWW: An Internet WWW site will be developed from the very start of the project, whose main objective is to diffuse the ANSO’s objectives and results as wider as possible, throughout the community and over.

Brochure: A brochure and a presentation for the project will be updated every six months to reflect the project’s progress. The brochure will be distributed in IST meetings or conferences in which the presence of the project partners will be ensured.

Access through events: This includes workshops, conferences, seminars, demonstrations and any other activity, which leads to the involvement of different spectrum of audiences from different backgrounds. The ANSO consortium will be active in the organisation of targeted demonstrations, participation and contribution to relevant conferences.

Home-Theatre Demonstration . By combining the flexible SOHO Gateway hardware platform with the ADM environment, ANSO will permit demonstration of smart structures and advanced control in SOHO environment. Moreover the full scenario of a Home Theatre application will be demonstrated. The distributed middleware will allow robust, self-managed elements that will accelerate flexibility and extensibility of heterogeneous network environment
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