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The seamless integration of devices and computation will soon become part of our daily life. Sensors, actuators, wireless networks and ubiquitous devices powered by intelligent computation will blend into future environments in which people will live. The convergence of indoor network-enable multimedia electronics and business services has progressed to a level sufficient enough to justify proliferation of such capabilities, not only in large business environments, but in small business and residential environments as well. The future communication networks require everywhere and anytime connectivity and seamlessly assist the user with advanced functionalities that fit her/his preferences, the current location and context or various device capabilities. However, domestic systems are restricted in ubiquitous access to many new services, multimedia, and devices, while offerings do not usually provide flexibility, portability, easy installation and management. SOHO networks are still often seen as economic extensions of the access network.

This project was set out to overcome these technological constraints and create a standards-based network system comprising hardware and distributed embedded software. Its success enables universal access to multimedia services including a full range of automation, computing and entertainment products. Open interfaces and a powerful and scalable middleware based on open standards improve competitiveness and avoid citizens being locked into one proprietary home network system. Thus, applications providers can compete with service innovation and manufacturers of home appliances with device functionality. Such a market is no longer limited to global players but is also open to small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs).

The ANSO project has completed its work and was ended in September 2007. Further, the ANSO project made a successful appearance with demonstrations at ITEA Symposium 2007 in, Berlin, Germany gaining ITEA2 Symposium 2007 Silver Exhibition Award.

The ANSO project was awarded with ITEA Appreciation Award 2008 for the contributions to concretise the "Web of Objects" and showing its pertinence in developing new and innovative applications in the Home domain. The award was given at the ITEA Symposium 2008, held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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